There came a time. 

busylittlelady goes back a long time. I’m not taking walking with the dinosaurs but I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t associated with those three conjoined words. 

And there comes a time when you realise people appear to give two hoots about your rambling thoughts and creations, and you take a step, a confident step, in believing maybe it should be a little more. That little bit more, for me, is letting busylittlelady have a platform to waffle. Here. 

I’m still furious, and refusing to be, on Pinterest, when to my horror someone was already using my three little words. That name that has been attached to me for so long and was already my alias on Twitter and Instagram. So Pinterest you are not my friend and we remain strangers. However, on here, with the addition of ‘blogs’ (which is totally bearable and logical) I can write under those three little words, happily, hoping that folks might find it interesting. 

I’m going to take a role name of (mainly) an ‘informer‘. I have a lot to say and I like sharing information. That sharing can span a lot of topics. Some you you may like, some may make your eyes roll, some may spark an interest and you never know, may inspire.

@busylittlelady  ( the informer )

I’m a meat free, dairy free and gluten free girl (about 95%) and currently also alcohol free [ people press ‘escape’, fearing the boredom of this post ] so a lot of my ramblings is recipes and easy ideas to fill your belly in a nice healthy way. 

I love a bit of working out. Always have done and I vary it to keep the eagerness going. Exercise makes me happy and no word of a lie – I promise you’ll feel better. 

I’m from a fashion, styling and marketing background and even though now I co-run a homeware and stationery brand called A Room in my House, I still have a keen interest (let’s call it what it is – a shopping habit) in fashion, trends and what’s in store now. 

Interior design is my weakness. I jointly write a home and interiors blog Home:Blog so have good access to a ton of news about home style, products and designing. And my house, well that’s just one big constant evolving project. My Achilles heal – midcentury style. If it’s mid century, I want it. My home is a midcentury, modern mash up. And it just keeps getting updates. 

Books fill my home. I always have my head in a book, am in a book club and have a back log of ‘to-read’ books on my merchandised-by-colour (yes I did that) book shelves. 

My dog [ more folks click escape, quicker than a round of Take Me Out! ] is my world. My husband is totally cool with this fact. He’s content enough. So dog advice, news on a rescue centre I help at, clothing, food and health info all rattle around in my head. I have a reduced Jack Russell Chihuahua cross and it’s not just me, he’s really awfully cute. That kind of cuteness that makes you cock your head and sigh (as does he) 

The other stuff. Passions. 

Travel. Art. London. Music. Taking A LOT of photos. And with all the posh cameras and past training, it’s my iPhone that’s my visual recorder – currently with over 21 thousand photos on it. Just few, then. 

So if that’s any good to you. Anything that might help, do visit again and see what I’m rambling about next time. 

Keep busy.  



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