All that glitters* is gold, gold, gold 

*should get in my wardrobe 

It’s as if it calls my name. Softly across the clothing rails. Over the bargain last-season jumpers and super priced keep-me-for-next-year raincoat. It is always the same. I have an ability to hone in anything gold in the sales. This generally has a fifty/fifty chance of turning out ok with many an item finding its way into my charity shop pile (although they love me, donating all the new ‘still got the label on’ goodies)

So why gold? It just, well… Shines. And so many outfits day or night just benefit from it. It works really well mixed up with daytime attire especially denims and check to tone it down. And by night with leather leggings and chunky boots a gold T is just the ticket. 

So this time I hunt full price. This time I find the best gold pieces and not just the unwanted pieces relegated to the sale rails. 


2 ] FRINGE SANDALS / HM / £9.99 

3 ] NU BALANCE TRAINERS / currently out of stock so the hunt is on for seeking them out

4 ] PLEAT SKIRT / ZARA / £25.99 

5 ] GOLD REEBOK / SCHUH / £62.00 

And since I’m a little in love with styling a midi skirt with trainers (although not both gold) I had a hunt on


for styling ideas. An easy look is a stretch midi with a classic white Addidas or Converse, but there are some great pleated and flared midi skirts in stores, head to NOBODYS CHILD, MANGO and ZARA and style them with a retro cartoon t-shirt and leather jacket. 

Nobodys Child / Mango / Zara

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