[ NEW ] introducing… busylittleladyfridayfoto

Introducing my little project collaborating with the lovely online store A Room In My House which will offer a limited edition print of mine to buy each week on Friday. The prints will be taken from my portfolio of photography and available in A3 or A2, but if you fancy another size then I am… Continue reading [ NEW ] introducing… busylittleladyfridayfoto


Non-dairy creamy dishes are as easy as (gluten free) pie! 

It takes a while but when you’re gluten and dairy free you get creative with finding alternatives to certain foods, to ensure a good variety of meals.  Think you can’t have carbonara? Or pesto? Or a lovely creamy potato salad? Think again.  When I first found dairy free cream (either soya or oat) there was… Continue reading Non-dairy creamy dishes are as easy as (gluten free) pie!