It’s sunny, quick get in the garden

It’s that time of year when we all get a little excited when the sun finally makes an appearance and we all sigh as we feel that first Spring sunshine warm our faces.  I’m looking forward to developing the garden more as I just can’t rest unless I have a project on the go. Technically, I guess that’s not resting! 

Last summer we did the patio and fencing and this year is all about the garden room. 

A crazy plan formed, having been going mad trying to find a suitable place to store the growing number of bicycles that was both practical and stylish, and not have them as a focal point on a wall. It was impossible. So, I stumbled across some garden room designs and a plan began to form. 

Garden rooms are the perfect solution for an extension without the hassle of planning, dust and architects plans (as long as you don’t mind you’re new room not actually being attached to your current dwelling) 

We’re going big as we felt if we going to spend our hard earned cash, then it needs to be worth while and give us a proper decent sized room.

So pre build I have started to think about furniture and accessories for both in the room and on the patio. I have a vision for the garden but laugh when I realise we do live in England and the amount of time we can actually enjoy outside, due to the weather, is quite limited, but if we get one party in our garden this summer I’ll be happy. Regular alfresco dining might be a far off dream but we can hope.

My hunt has found great pieces that look like they are for inside but coated or water proof for outside. I’m loving a simple colour palette with patterned rugs, midcentury style and piles of geometric cushions.  

furniture // made.com • rug // Ebay seller Homesol11
Made.com have proved the best in affordable furniture and for outdoor rugs, EBay has a wealth to choose from. 

As a bit of a fan of random paraphenalia I’m also seeking odd and interesting bits to feature around the garden. Currently I have a midcentury atomic shelf on one wall, Victorian roof tiles popped around the flower beds and veg market stall shelves used to raise pots up off the patio. However as a typography lover I’m searching for letters and words to some how incorporate into the mix. Etsy had a great store called Wears Hip that amongst their other vintage items have vintage style industrial letter and numbers. I picked an ampersand to start as I figured there’s so many around the house the garden was feeling a little left out! 


industrial letter // Wears Hip
So the design is starting to come together. Lighting is also on the list as are some great architectural shrubs.

I’ve also had a rather unusual (even for me) idea to have an outdoor print hanging on the wall. I’m hoping to make the chosen print capable of lasting outside with an exterior varnish and sealed to marine plywood. I’ve found the print – there’s a great US online brand, Sycamore Stree Press who sell huge scale downloadable digital photographic prints – the cactus garden imagery, I think, will be a fun way to bring more plants into the garden. I do love cactus’ but don’t think we’ve got the climate to grow them outside here. So a print that brings the feeling of a cactus garden to my garden seems like a winning idea. Catch a later blog post to see if this quirky idea has worked. 

But first the garden room. Watch this space. 


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