Days like these

There’s nothing like some exciting news with work to give you a big spanking up the a*** and push your motivation levels through the roof (even if you end up being late for social meet-ups, sorry!)

I have days, working mostly from home (currently car-less which means my studio is a little bit of a mission), where work has recently taken second place, or in fact third, to the dog and the house. Days can be gone in a blink and well gosh the house is clean, the dog is well exercised and cuddled, there’s a new feature in the garden and more prints on the hallway wall, but as for the work projects and designing I should be focused on – well the notes build up and the designs are half finished.

I am in a weird, unusual, and be it very lucky position, that due to personal circumstances, and having a toe in the property world, my business that I set up with my sister five years ago is not necessary to survive. I love my work but the world won’t crumble if I don’t get one more product on the A Room in my House website or art work some photos of vintage homeware for our Etsy shop. So from what I was used to, from a decade of crazy working hours, physical long days in the creative world, things are now very different. I can do as much as I want to/feel up to… to a point, of course. It’s inevitable things can slide a little. Apart from having a rough ten months, emotionally and physically (one day this will get in a blog post), which I offer as an excuse for my reduction in work achievements, I do know that my health history (see The Honest Post) is something I have to remind myself of – and I’m not supposed to push-myself-silly. However I’ve maybe, of late, flipped too far the other way. Slippery slope.

But this week I have new found rocket fuel. Fresh of the back of inexplicably having problems with inflammation with my condition (seriously, I’m not stressed, not over worked and therefore no good reason this should have happened…and I’m refusing to go back on medication so therefore I just slog through a recovery unaided), I’ve got a new drive for work. New products are finally in production, website updates done and the best tick off the list is that our (I say ‘our’ but my sister can truly take the credit for this design gem) children’s book – an illustrated ABC Of The Animals Of London, with crazy tales of exotic, weird and wonderful occurrences with animals in our awesome capital city, is finally off to the printers. Best feeling ever and so far from early feedback, the thumbs are most definitely up.

A5 book

I think its a sign. I am really motivated again, and as I love what I do, it’s easy to get back in the proverbial saddle (ride ’em cowboy). I’m proud to be a creative, I love the ideas that form and seeing them generate into reality. So my designing, marketing, shouting from the roof tops work drive is back and I’ll make the most of it before some disaster or sneaky health issue puts the breaks on.

I know everyone must have dips in work motivation but we all find a way back eventually. we need to keep busy. We need a sense of achievement and success. My career history is pretty cool and it puts a smile on my face. It also allows me to be a little less hard on myself now that I take it easy, that taking it easy is important for my well being and health.

With that, I reach down cuddle my little dog at my feet and think about hanging another print in the hallway!



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