Time to buy a hat

After a long drought of weddings (sigh, I do love a good wedding), suddenly we’re back on for some wedding frolics this summer. 

Happy to announce three weddings this year, plus another (of a ridiculously dear friend) in the planning too. 

So, inevitably the search is on for an outfit. Yes, I may have too many to count once-worn dresses hiding in the wardrobe but you know you get that little feeling. The feeling you know they just won’t be right and you need to buy something new. 

I look at monochrome pattern (comfortable fail-safe, non-offensive in photos and easy to style), colour block brights (risk of clashing, standing out far too much, but often very flattering and great in simple silhouettes) and embrace the two big no-nos – black (as its a little morbid) and white (because you don’t want to look like a bride). 

Lovely Topshop / prices from £35

Topshop is always a first port of call, together with Mango and Zara – highstreet winners when it comes to perfect dresses. I search for ‘that perfect length’ which for me is either – mini mini so shows enough thigh to distract from knees or midi so just covers those aforementioned knees. Maxi can work but I ever fear it can swamp a person of a short disposition. Me. 

Mango // £139.99

However this beaded Mango maxi (above) is a dream and daringly steps into that well underused colour for a wedding – black. For an evening or black tie wedding this would be perfect. Elegant, yes. Easy and cool fit dancing, yes. Room to eat a fair bit and hide the bloat, yes. 

Mango // £79.99

My search continues and this white frock (that is supposed big wedding no no) appears. Now my opinion of white at a wedding – it’s how you do it. The cut, the texture or pattern, the style and the length can all take it from too-much-like-a-bride to perfect wedding clobber. Just be savvy. I think this fun, peasant  style, embroidered Mango dress perfectly manages to avoid any traps with wearing white to a wedding and would be great for a countryside, summer wedding party. Great price and falls into that dress-up-or-dress-down category so would no doubt have endless wears. I think I’d team it with a folk inspired embroidered over sized clutch with gold strappy wedges. 

The dress hunt also has a peak in at Miss Selfridge. Not to be dismissed as for people a certain amount younger than my thirty something years as it regularly has gorgeous party or wedding suited dresses that aren’t all about mid riff showing or skimming the bum. 

Miss Selfridge // £120

Their fairly high priced evening dress selection is full of midis, lace and on trend elegance including the press current favourite nude embroidered dress. Gorgeous but an investment at £120. 

So I very much welcome suggestions for where to look for a moderately priced dress as in the mean time I’ll also head to old favourite H&M and no doubt head to EBay for what I often end up in – something vintage. 


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