Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman

There’s pros and cons to most things in life and whether you ended up with two XX chromosomes or a X and a Y it’s the same. There’s plus points either way. I’m thankful we have make-up and heals. I’m not so thankful that our hips love chocolate and we have a much harder time peeing at festivals!


Most woman have at some point experienced the cons of being a woman. That little P word that we, mostly, silently endure each month. That, and being way too emotional about things (or shall we call it sensitive?). I’m the one who really does cry at everything, especially if it involves animals. 

So I sit, painfully, trying to find a position to relax. I’m thankful the builders from our current project have finished up, the house is calm and that I’ve already got a huge amount of work done this week. However I have a work list calling me to have more things ticked off on it but I cannot face anymore. 

I submit to finishing for today. Almost.  

There’s a lot of ‘educational’ reading that I can get on with – like the pile of magazines, books and other literature that I’m collating with an aim to gain for knowledge and insight for blogging. Advice welcome. Feedback welcome. 


Blogosphere magazine // Design Bloggers At Home book
Why do we write blogs? To empty our minds, to inform, to educate, to humour, to provoke, to entertain? Essentially people have something to say so they do just that. The invention of the blog offered the ability for anyone to be a journalist or writer. It gives a platform for people to perform from. A virtual diary, magazine, piece of literature that can be put out there for the world to read. The world becomes a smaller place. I still am amazed when there’s someone from thousands of miles away sitting down and having a read and connecting with people in an instant. 

I started (blogging) in this busy, over populated world of blogging, only recently, after a long time contemplating it. I hope it works and I hope I stick with it. There’s a lot in this little head that I need to unload. 

greetings card // http://www.aroominmyhouse.com

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