The sneaker debate

Ever had an urge to buy every trainer on the planet? No? Just me then. 

Struggling with the knowledge I have a cupboard (ok let’s call it a wardrobe) full of healed shoes. New heals, old heals, vintage heals, barely worn heals, low heals, high heals and healed boots. It’s a collection to be pretty proud of, yet I’m feeling it’s a little pointless if they never get worn. 

All to want to wear is my flat Chelsea boots or sneakers. How I’ve changed!

So this wardrobe of shoe bounty lays unused and unloved. However the thought of getting rid of them feels impossible. Ideally I clear it out (bar a few pairs of couldn’t-be-parted-with pairs) and replace with the oodles of sneakers I am currently coveting. 

Current bargain faves from Nike & Adidas

I’m not usually much of a sports clothing-kinda-wearing girl, except when I’m doing that crazy morning ritual of Insanity or T25 or a little more sedate Pilates. My daily outfits often have a nod towards sports attire but generally mixed with more fashion pieces. I use the word ‘fashion‘ loosely as it gets less and less the more the only time I leave the house is generally to walk the dog (fellow dog walkers have no appreciation for my excitement of a jumpsuit or cold shoulder top). I love the mix of daywear and sportswear but even more so the mix of evening wear with sportswear. I’m in love with sequins and sportswear. I’d quite happily mix a logo t-shirt, sequin pencil skirt with a pair of trainers. 

Perfection. Although I don’t quite pull it off like the folks in the magazines! 

So this all amounts to a big urge for lots of new kicks. 

Adidas Originals Los Angeles from Size?

So where to start? I’m always a bargain hunter so I’ve checked out a few sports shop sales as well as the Urban Outfitters sale and found a few too many that I like. 

However I have to start with just one new pair and since grey is my go-to colour, can you guess which ones I bought? 


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