Don’t need it. Want it. 

I for one am glad that England are out the Euros. Let me just assure you, I mean the football competition and not EU (that’s a whole other blog post) 

Sitting watching (or obviously not watching) the football I find myself browsing and not just virtual window shopping, but buying. Buying, and then buying some more. I’ve got new dresses, I’ve got new cushions, I’ve got birthday presents sorted, I’ve ordered dog food and not been able to say no to random sale items that I intend to put into the present drawer but will inevitably become mine as I liked the item so much. Does anyone justify shopping with the (unlikely) intent it’ll make a great gift?

So, with the case of the football being on for too long, I would have no doubt bought way, way too much of unnecessary shopping, particularly summer clothes – for the non existent summer we’re having – and therefore with England being knocked out I’m both saving money and saving trips to the local post office for all those returns I regularly have to make. Although, going to the post office does give me a reason to leave the house, I get to encounter a few more people in my day (talking to my dog too much, I fear, may ensure my slow disturbing journey to having an inability to converse with humans – although given recent social and political issues I add fuel to my distaste for a large sector of the human race anyway) 

The problem is I keep finding really nice products. I’m definitely going through a period where the (online) high street is offering a really good array of clothes that are finding there way into my wardrobe and endless small homewares that are creeping onto shelves, coffee tables and nooks around my house.

In my ever keen mission to share the knowledge of great shopping I’ve put together a selection of great finds online NOW 

Topshop has a great pieces to add comfort and colour to your wardrobe

Favourite finds • sundress reduced to only £10 in the Topshop sale, suede shopper and cropped sweater which will sit great with my Next silver lame midi skirt
Silver lame skirt from Next is my new dream skirt – perfect length, cut and fit and will see me through to Winter when I can add opaque tights // Next sizes often come up big but I found this true to size

So if the football creeps back on again (as my husband is edging over now to supporting the team of my heritage, and handily good with a ball, Italy) then you will find me buried in the virtual aisles of ASOS the store of endless own brand and branded delights, H&M the store close to my heart having worked for the brand and always full of affordable pieces both on trend and individual, Topshop although some stuff I do, maybe with age, now wrinkle my nose up at and Next which every so often has a little gem which I can odd onto an order of buying work clothes for hubby. 

There’s always going to be unnecessary shopping, shopping that gets sent back but there will most importantly be some perfect purchases which each time I put them on I feel better about life. Although at other times they will also probably be the items that I claim to feel like a hippo in. Our psychologicsl mind set about any given outfit is a perculiar thing – unexplainable yet always to be expected. 


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