[ teenage sigh ] it’s so unfair 

Studies face in mirror and sighs. Teenage skin can be such a pain and so detrimental to one’s confident  – oh but wait, I’m in my mid thirties! I wince at the teenage skin issues I seem to be having more and more over the past few years which recently has reached an all time bad period. 

You can analyse what you drink, what you eat, what you put on your skin and the care you take, but essentially if you tick every box then it may just boil down to bad luck – and I feel pretty unlucky             [ further teenage sigh ] 

I do eat and drink to the best of my ‘healthy’ ability, having given up dairy (which seemed to help) and flushing my system with fruits, vegetables and water. I even stopped drinking alcohol. I eat a rich in nutrients vegetarian diet – I correct myself ‘pescatarian’ diet. So what is left to try? 

[ opens bathroom cabinet and stares at endless products ] I’ve invested and given a good go with a lot of products to varying degrees of success and for a while was winning until last year. From last year I think certain medications haven’t helped but the (sorry for the details) epic spreading of issues with neck and shoulders area also taking a hit meant I was up for trying something new. 

Low and behold, by chance, as an already Soap & Glory fan, I have tried their  Dr Spot treatment. I cannot recommend this enough! For all the many, as there’s been many, lotions and potions I’ve tried, this one has had a really quick successful result! 

Within a few days I actually noticed a difference and it continues the more I use it. 

So it may not be forever or work for everyone but this cheap little tube is worth a shot I say! 

Currently on offer at Boots

Was £8 Now £6


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