Focus on the good stuff… 

When you discover that the ultimate cleaning tool for getting stubborn scum off your relatively new bathroom taps, is your faithful old tweezers (to be well cleaned afterwards, I should add) then I think that life is complete. Well, for today anyway, it feels like a mini fist bump moment. Alas I haven’t taught the furry kid to fist bump yet so I’ll air punch instead – equally humiliating to be doing alone on a Friday lunch time in an empty house without any music playing, or people to appreciate your clean taps.
It has been, apologies to use a overused phrase, one of those weeks that with certain issues to contend with (a future blog post… Maybe) I’ve had an unexpected week off of sorts where work has been bottom of the agenda and so apart from resting up, my time has been equally split between cleaning and online shopping. It would be a small mercy if I veered away from the latter as it is becoming a little costly – although the end result is about the same. The house looks good. 

The turbulence of my own week has somewhat faded into the shadows as my mind has however been occupied by the constant stream of horrendous news events we are having. On a daily basis we wake up to new atrocities. Is it getting worse or are we hearing about it more? With Twitter or alike at everybody’s finger tips, news travels faster than a bad prawn through my digestive system and within seconds of an event (an attack, not me and the prawn), anywhere in the world, we know about it. As person who is surgically (sadly) attached to her phone I find myself regularly taken aback by getting knowledge of many of these atrocities within moments of occurrence.  

For the first time in my thirty…(mumbles… Mumbles…) years it’s genuinely affecting my decisions and plans. We have for so long been taught to stand up against terrorism and evil in the world, go about our daily lives and insist that their actions will stop us travelling, venturing into the big wide world, celebrating life and all that goes with that   – and for a while I did just that. 

Even after 7/7 and 9/11 and other close-to-home attacks on daily life I puffed my chest and got on that train, boarded that plane and shook a fist in the face of fear. 

However now, whether it is with age or just the change in the type of evil in this world, I think differently. I’m actually conscious of what could happen and where and what could be a target. Although, the most recent events show there is no predicting or evaluating safety. Knowing that people went innocently to a music concert, dined out, travelled to see friends, yet were thrown in the path of danger is deeply saddening and scary. It’s everyday life that is being challenged and attacked.

Not to be brutal but no amount of hashtags and brandishing our social media feeds with flags is really going to help. It merely highlights the evil and in a way acts as a trophy for the people responsible. The answer is with people in power but even then when people can be so easily swayed and brainwashed, and when attacks are now so random, how do we fight against it? It feels like a war we can’t win. An interesting feature I found noted the change in weapons from bombs to guns and knives which are so much harder to track and prevent being used, and when evil acts solo or in pairs they draw little attention to themselves. This really was the truth. This made it scary. 

I know this is a far more serious post than my initial tap cleaning start would have lead you to think. I guess the current constant flow of violent attacks is in my head a lot and the realisation of this is the world we live in is apparent. 

Would I rather be more oblivious and naive to it? Is that a better way to be? 

So it’s about focusing on the good stuff. We must appreciate the good people in life, the people who smile, laugh and help others, the beauty of nature, the happiness that music brings, our health and making our immediate surroundings a happy place. 

I’ve booked in lots of culture, theatre and art (to remind me of the great city I live in), I’m focusing on making plans for the year ahead, I’m enjoying bountiful moments of playing with my dog and loving every ounce of the weekends when me and the hub and the fur kid are together. I’m trying to shake a fist at the fear.

We are honoured to be given life and we mustn’t waste it – it’s a shame there are people that lack that feeling. 

Live, laugh and love.

And we have clean taps too, that’s definitely an extra thumbs up! 


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