urgently needed: morning motivation

Morning rituals vary. Mine, starts from still under the duvet, and consists of opening and addressing priority work emails, a brief perusal of Instagram (spotting things I’d like to buy, catching up on cute babies and dogs, responding to messages from the Instagram feed for my other blog and generally being nosey into other people’s lives), a scroll through Facebook (including, no doubt, a few tears over an emotional animal story) checking on births, deaths and marriages; and finally a thought about a blog to commence writing. The problem is the last bit: writing a blog post.

It took me a long time to finally set up my own personal blog. As a avid social media addict and having already established a good following across a few platforms – surprised people genuinely seem interested in my ramblings and captured moments on camera – with my ‘busylittlelady’ handle, I felt all this blurb in my head, ideas for the home, fashion titbits and general ramblings should finally get a bigger home. So I began BusyLittleLadyBlogs, but that was not enough to keep me going and as i guessed would happen, this blog lways comes last. It comes last after all my other jobs and tasks and feels a little forgotten. Many, many posts spin round in my head but never seem to get out of my head and onto the virtual paper.

So after I’ve filled my boots on my daily green smoothie (cleaned up after my husband has made his earlier, re sprayed various superfoods and powders across the work top, cleaned up that…), sweated my a** off doing yet another course of HIIT exercise routine (six days a week but only half an hour – which is very handy), fed the furry kid (cuddled, played with, snuggled with etc etc the furry kid), gazed at the blue sky for a while and thought about how I can rig up my has-to-be-plugged-in-laptop in the garden to work and catch some rays at the same time, decided this won’t work, showered (i make this sound really quick but another hour disappears), get back to work, realise it’s the middle of the day, walk the furry kid, try and work  a bit more before realising I need to get to the shops and think about dinner. So then, another day has passed, and another blog post has not been written.

That is essentially my life. It does make me wonder what i am achieving? I’ve gone from ten years of crazy work hours in the fashion industry; to stay-at-home-dog-mum with a little creative business who generally lives a hermit life and watches the days disappear. How things change. So I’ve scheduled in some gigs (hurray!), some exhibitions, a new mini business venture (watch this space) and am ‘planning’ on writing all about it down here!

So far, all i write about, is wanting to write about it.

So send some motivation this way and a few extra hours in a day!


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