best made plans [live life]

Every so often I have that kick-up-the-bum-fill-your-precious-life-with-more moments, as my more and more chilled out quiet life does sometimes get a little too quiet; and days do roll by with the insignificance of a potato. Can a potato be insignificant?

So as a creative lass I get all keen to ensure I get to see current cool gallery and museum exhibits, see new projects that London is currently offering and attempt, although generally fail, to put recommended eateries on my must-eat-there list (Currently I want to take hubby to Zedel in Soho as on my one visit I fell in love with the decor and would implore you to visit – think french Art Deco wood panelling, marble, tiles to die for and opulent high ceilings – and that’s just the toilets!)

This last twelve months have been less of a normal routine for me so fitting this usual creative kick into my life has been less prominent, however as Summer arrived, August, as well as being the time for our (well earned) holiday that we’d been waiting for, for…well… twelve months, seemed like the time to get that creative mojo and lust for London back again having only had a few sporadic arty-trips in a very long period.

The Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy, is a favourite of mine, so as a break from previous mentioned life as significant as a potato, I got tickets with a friend and went to ogle some art. As a break from my usual get up, work out, work, walk dog, work, walk dog, cook, bed routine, I jumped on a tube, which to be fair is made pretty easy to be anywhere quickly as I practically live on a tube stop, and braved central London. Central London used to feel like a second home as for a decade I stomped the streets for work and whirled around in the both the fashion and retail industry. Now, central feels a little heady and over-bearing like a sweaty businessman in a suit on a tight packed train and my new world of working at my kitchen table and daily dog hikes is just more pleasing, mostly. Although I question that this life of mine; my laptop, my dog and the occasional interaction with another human being (my husband not counting in this situation) is perhaps not conducive to ‘living life’ and as I’m a bit of preacher of life is short, life is precious, live, life and love etc etc since losing my father when I was 30, I should really practice what I preach – at least i should more than a handful of times a year! So more putting myself in heady (sweaty business man) environments the better, in theory.

So at The Royal Academy, set aching close to some great shopping (but that wasn’t what I was there for) I had my yearly appreciation and inspiration seeing all this year’s entrants. The Summer Exhibition is special, approachable and like a close friend that you feel comfortable with, feels attainable. It’s a exhibition of what I could call real people’s art work and it’s all up for sale. Some (art) maybe in the thousands but a lot is in the hundreds (of pounds) and I have a great inner feeling of technically I could actually buy something but, perhaps more motivationally and more importantly I could actually enter to be shown here. It feels like real art. Real peoples art – and that’s because it is. Essentially Joe Bloggs could paint a picture, or mold some clay, or carve some wood, or manipulate some wire – and it could be on show here!

I could wander this exhibition for hours [ for more photos and videos see below ] . There is so much to see and on a second circuit you’d see the pieces you missed or a detail that escaped you or something that catches your eye more than the first time you looked. It’s a great, great collection, fantastically curated and displayed so effectively (and as a visual merchandiser and stylist by trade) is so pleasing on the eye stylistically wise, it’s an absolute joy!

So eagerly I await next Summer. I know at least there’s one exhibition firmly in the diary already. In the mean time I plot more, and to liven up the schedule and stimulate my ears as well as my eyes I book in gigs. Music is the common bond between me and hubby and the majority of our sixteen (sharp in take of breath) year relationship has been filled with dirty gigs in tiny clubs, powerful extravagance of big concerts in over-sized venues, shaking our thing at this, that and whatever festival across London, the UK and even Europe and generally ensuring new, old and not-even-signed-yet music fills our ears at all times. Again the last twelve months, less so, but we have already have dates in the diary and look forward to Chase and Status, Eliza And The Bear and Crystal Fighters all before Santa even had one foot inside the chimney. And for creative, I have A Hockey Happening (Royal Academy) and a evening of Typography + Wine scheduled in; although since drinking a little, after almost a year without drinking, I have decided I’m just not sure if alcohol will ever feature prominently again in my world as I’m just not feeling it – but that can be whole other rambling post on another day, I think.


If you didn’t get to see this year’s Summer Exhibition here’s a sneaky insider view: 



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