Feeling festive… oven gloves at the ready! 

So my Christmas baking has been going incredibly well (and my Christmas eating!). 

I’ve practised a new vegan nut roast, which was incredible! Obviously I’m now a vegetarian but even when I did eat meat, turkey was just so bland and boring – nut roast is so much tastier! Now this year I’m facing that veggie nightmare that sits so uneasy with me… cooking a turkey for the rest of the family. I think the longer I’ve been a vegetarian (almost vegan) I get more and more passionate for my reasons and thoughts on the meat industry. Cooking a turkey this year is truly getting to me but I never want to preach to my family as it’s their choice to eat meat so of course, I want to respect that – I just don’t have to like it! I think the more I learn about meat standards, animal treatment and the consumer effect on meat production, the more I have an inner gut wrenching pain about people eating meat. I wouldn’t preach it, but the voice in my head wants to plead people to try meat free or at least cut down. Although, perhaps it’s easier to be ignorant and not no what goes on behind those closed (barn) doors… 

Anyway, Christmas cooking continued with a semi successful vegan Plum + Almond Tart – nice filing but a little of a fail on the pastry (a second attempt needed with using vegan egg replacement!). I’m trying to get more and more vegan, and currently it’s just an odd egg here and there – but organic from a farm delivery! 

The current peak of Christmas cooking was some gorgeous vegan and gluten free biscuits. They unfortunately (or fortunately) were far too delicious and the first batch attempt has already disappeared (looks guiltily at floor…) so I thought I’d share the recipe 


(Adapted from a recipe from the lovely ThatVeganChick on Instagram) 

100g dairy free butter

100g coconut sugar (or brown sugar) 

1 tbsp golden syrup (could be swapped for agave)

150g self raising gluten free flour

50g cocoa powder 

2 tsp orange extract 

100g dark chocolate orange chunks (but still yummy with just dark chocolate – which i then smashed up in a bag with a rolling pin!) 


Heat the oven to 180

Beat butter + sugar til creamy

Mix in syrup + extract 

Mix in cocoa powder + half the floor 

Add in the chocolate chunks 

Add the rest of the flour + form dough

Divide into approx 15 balls and place with decent space in between on a greased baking sheet. Slightly flatten the balls. 

Bake for approx 12-15 mins til a little firm to touch 

TIP eating these when they’re still warm is amazing as the chunks are all goey and melted!! Enjoy! 


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