Here’s to a new year and not forget or regret the last one…

We have a tendency to scrutinise and only see the negative of a year about to end. To highlight all the bad and look forward to the next year being better but everything that’s happened throughout the year has got you to the point you are now at. It’s a waste of the year to dismiss it and not remember good memories and events. Negative views will only fuel your aptitude to constantly only recall the problems, bad times and then that will roll into the next year. 

Each year (hour, week, month) is a blessing, it’s never going to happen again so all needs to be worth while. I am a believer there is a positive way to look at most things and if not things to be learned from and grown from. Either way they’ve happened, they can’t be changed and dwelling on them or letting them consume you can only be negative on your future. 

I think I’ve had my fair share of what could be counted as a ‘bad year’ but that would be pointless. Things have happened that could push people to hide, wallow and avoid reality but if something has happened, then it’s happened – and crying and being sad can only go so far. I’m not saying that grieving is not allowed but there has to be a limit on it, a limit to ensure you continue to live your life. 

If you’ve lost a loved one, they’d want you to love your life and be happy and not waste precious time that they weren’t fortunate to have. If you’ve been ill then you need more than ever to make up for lost time in recovery. If life has dealt you an unfair deal then you can work hard to change that or look to the other positives you have. 

I think losing my dad at 30, gave me a jolt in life. When something happens in life so unexpected, so unplanned for, so devasting – yes I was grief stricken but I also taught myself it’s ok to laugh, smile and enjoy life. It really highlighted how precious life is and how you ever really know what tomorrow could hold so therefore living for today is even more important. 

So as I think back on my year, it’s been a tough one yet anything that’s gone wrong I will challenge myself to right that. Anything that has made me sad, I use to create positives knowing that there is always hope. Anyone who’s passed away, we take the amazing memories and use them to keep us smiling. Challenges and hardships are part of life which then allow happiness and joy to feel even richer and more powerful. 

I am not glad 2016 is over, but I’m happy to be excited for the new year. I take head in lessons learnt, experiences gained and problems thrown at me have just made me stronger. Another wonderful year for many reasons. Another 365 days on this planet. 

But humankind… please, can we not make so many bad choices next year?… Let’s all be nicer, wiser and more open to love. 


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