…they won’t hang around [ the vegan brownies sent from heaven ]

A small, ok pretty long, pause in blogging needed correcting and as soon as I’d sampled a new recipe for vegan brownies, I knew it needed sharing. 

I love a recipe that is versatile to play around with and this one is no exception. When you can adapt to be dairy free or not, gluten free or not, fruity or not, more  chocolatey or less, it is perfect for any persons tastes, allergies, intolerances or diet choices. The only thing they aren’t is low in fat but sometimes you just gotta treat yourself! 



80g vegan margarine 

2 tbsp ground flax seed 

120g dark chocolate 

1/2 tsp coffee granules 

125g gluten free self raising flour 

70g ground almond 

50g cocoa powder 

1/4 tsp baking powder 

250g golden caster sugar (or coconut sugar) 

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 

70g glacé cherries/raisins/cranberries/chocolate chips or alternative 


[ 170c fan oven / grease a 20cm tin ]

Combine flax with 6 tbsp water and leave aside. This creates ‘flax eggs’

Melt chocolate, coffee, margarine, 60ml water in bowl over boiling water 

Combine flour, almonds, cocoa, baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt ➕ mix 

Whisk sugar into chocolate til glossy and disolved 

Stir in flax mixture, vanilla ➕ cherries or alternative 

Add this to flour mix ➕ mix thoroughly 

Put into tin ➕ bake for 35-45 mins 

Cool ➕ cut 

[ lasts around 3 days… but probably you’ll eat them all before then ] 


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