…does it come in black? 

So I can’t be the first person to paint the nursery black? I know I’m not, as I have plenty (well a few) sought out google and Pinterest images for inspiration from fellow avid fans of the dark side. My mother thinks I’m crazy, my husband says I can do what ever I like as long as he doesn’t have to paint and my friend says she’ll give me a hand! 

Having googled (like any expectant mother) a lot, I know that ‘Your baby could see color from birth, but she had difficulty distinguishing similar tones, such as red and orange. That’s one reason she preferred black-and-white or high-contrast patterns. For the next few months, her brain’s at work learning to distinguish colors.’  So I kinda think I’m on to a winner plus I like the (not actually a) colour black. 

Credit / WeeSee (images for newborns)
Planning the nursery has been a delight and dream as it’s firstly; a chance to restyle and design a room in the house and secondly is marginally helping me to realise this is actually real and actually happening. Anyone else have total disbelief there’s a baby inside their swollen bellies, despite the kicks, scan pictures and positive plus sign on a pee stick? 

So I’ve moodboarded (should be in the dictionary I reckon) the inspo and am now trying to find the right time to start decorating, nesting and using small gaps between sickness to do the jobs. 

Mood board

As anxiety creeps in (oh that nagging ache) I’m going to use the satisfying pleasure of decorating to cover up the cracks (literally as half our ceilings are falling down) of how I’m feeling about other issues – the house falling apart, bad new mattresses, damp and leaks, endless diy list plus a laptop that keeps packing up everytime I try and do my accounts for work – such bad timing. We have holiday booked but I’m anxious this will actually us up precious time left to do all of the above… 

Is this hormones or just my usual anxiety that subconsciously bubbles under the surface before erupting ever so often? Is it both? 

So lots of projects, lots of lists to tick and lots of planning. And all in the 12 week count down to popping a tiny human out into the world. 

Again. Wish me luck. 


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