Feeling festive… oven gloves at the ready! 

So my Christmas baking has been going incredibly well (and my Christmas eating!).  I’ve practised a new vegan nut roast, which was incredible! Obviously I’m now a vegetarian but even when I did eat meat, turkey was just so bland and boring – nut roast is so much tastier! Now this year I’m facing that… Continue reading Feeling festive… oven gloves at the ready! 


Clean raw balls, in the most innocent way…

I think I’m obsessed. With balls.  Ok here me out. Having always been a fan of healthy stuff, I’ve recently been trying even harder to find great recipes for cleaner, healthier, vegan ways to get a sweet fix, a protein boost or an energy kick. I aim to always have something in the fridge, homemade,… Continue reading Clean raw balls, in the most innocent way…


Chocolate fix with a healthy kick / clean + vegan 

So ever striving to make as much as I can at home from scratch and being on a clean, nutritious, vegan path (as much as I can… my current title is almost-vegan-pescatarian if that’s allowed?) I am hunting for great protein bar recipes which will not only give me that well needed kick during a… Continue reading Chocolate fix with a healthy kick / clean + vegan 


best made plans [live life]

Every so often I have that kick-up-the-bum-fill-your-precious-life-with-more moments, as my more and more chilled out quiet life does sometimes get a little too quiet; and days do roll by with the insignificance of a potato. Can a potato be insignificant? So as a creative lass I get all keen to ensure I get to see… Continue reading best made plans [live life]


urgently needed: morning motivation

Morning rituals vary. Mine, starts from still under the duvet, and consists of opening and addressing priority work emails, a brief perusal of Instagram (spotting things I’d like to buy, catching up on cute babies and dogs, responding to messages from the Instagram feed for my other blog and generally being nosey into other people’s… Continue reading urgently needed: morning motivation